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Jacksonville’s Premier 24/7 Hybrid Training Facility

Jacksonville’s Premier Training Center: What if you could take all of your favorite gym amenities, equipment, turf and all the functional gear you could ever want and bundle them together all in one place… Well look no further!!!

All the Features & Amenities you desire!

We’ve brought everything you are looking for in a gym and training center together here at Iron Forged Fitness!!! You will find the features you desire, offered in a pristine facility with a wide array of world-class equipment and the best staff. You will be proud to call Iron Forged Fitness your home gym! Come check out our awesome facilities for yourself, we know you will love what you see.

Jacksonville's Premier Training Center

Performance Programming. Proven Results.

At Iron Forged Fitness, you’ll find expert trainers who incorporate cutting edge training methods & results proven science into our custom programming. Our variety of Strength Training and Team Conditioning sessions are a fun, safe, and encouraging group environment. Our trainers closely monitor form ensuring everyone’s best results.

Set your goals. Then work to get there!

We cater to all ages and fitness levels, so don’t be intimidated. We are able to provide regressions, modifications, and progressions, as needed, so you can get the most out of each session.

Push Further. Train Harder.

We have a tiered level of training, so as you get stronger, you can move on to more advanced programming options. We also offer recovery classes and workshops for injury prevention. Teaching and insuring proper technique is key to preventing injuries. You will find proper warm-ups, stretching, and cool-downs part of our training sessions.

Becoming a part of us

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What to expect as a new member…

Iron Way Assessment

We want to get to know you. We want to know your experience level and any past injuries. We want to find out what the data says and get baseline measurements that show you where you are so you can get to where you want to be. We want to set up goals with you so we can get you to your goals in a safe and timely manner. Our initial assessment includes a Functional Movement Screening, a Body Composition Analysis, and Testing and even an Inbody 570 Full Body Scan,  if included in your package, and a goal-setting appointment! If you aren’t moving well, you are more prone to possible injuries. We will take you through our series of tests and discover your current ranges. After establishing your movement patterns, we will work with you to find the best plan to get to your goals and also incorporate corrective exercises to make the necessary improvements for you to succeed and avoid injury.

Body Composition Analysis with InBody 570 Scanner

We offer Body Composition Testing with our state of the art InBody 570 Scanner.  Learn how much lean muscle mass vs. fat mass you have. Learn how your weight is distributed. Figure out your current BMI and where you should be to be healthy, fit, and perform at your best. Find out what your BMR is so you can figure out how to properly set up your nutrition plan with solid data. With this data, we can help you build a plan for your success. You will also be able to compare future scans to your initial scan to see how far you have come!

Goal Setting Sessions

Here are Iron Forged Fitness we believe that it is important that we help you to set clear and attainable goals in order for you to be able to achieve them. One of our coaches will sit down with you in a private, one-on-one session and help you establish what it is you hope to achieve here at Iron Forged Fitness. They will also help you select the best classes, training and routine that will make your goals a reality.

Following your assessment, our coach’s regularly provide high levels of support and reviews to ensure you achieve your fitness goals.  They will assist in holding you accountable to your Fitness Plan of Action, refresh your focus and motivation, and evaluate your monthly progress.

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Are you ready to Challenge Yourself?

It’s time for your victory story!

Iron Forged Fitness specializes in transforming your life and helping you achieve goals you have struggled with in the past! We have many members whom have lost over 100 lbs in our program!!! Our program includes everything you need to succeed, from experienced coaches, amazing training sessions, unparalleled accountability, online support, nutritional guidance, and a fun, positive team atmosphere! The best part, this is a learning experience and the skills we teach you, can be used down the road for your continued success!

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Real Members. Real results.

Success can be your story too!

Charlie Nelson

Iron Forged is the "IT" gym. Functional. Circuit style. Cardio. Olympic, Powerlifting & Strongman. Health and wellness. They have it all. It is a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. They do not have a big gym/chain type feeling. Iron Forged has an at home/local feeling with a great staff that is there to coach you to your goals and help in your fitness journey. And a HUGE plus, they have daycare for the parents looking to get a workout in during their busy life schedules. Great gym. Great people.

Charlie Nelson @ Iron Forged Fitness
Amber Hintz

It has been over a year since I have been a member at Iron Forged Fitness! With that said I've lost 100 lbs with their guidance. Hands down this is the best gym I have ever been a part of. They have so much to offer from classes to personal trainings! They run amazing 6 week challenges which I have been a part of four of them, just finishing this week off with the Fit 4 U Challenge. Coaches and staff care 100 percent about your health and well being. I recommend this gym to everyone I know or meet!

Amber Hintz @ Iron Forged Fitness
Stephanie Blake

I've been going to this gym for a while now and it's had such a positive vibe since day 1. Everyone is so welcoming. I've never felt so comfortable at any gym. From the front desk to trainers to daycare the staff is amazing. They have all the equipment I could want and offer a range of group classes. There's so much variety, it's really what I needed to break my plateau. I've had such great results since coming here. This gym has kept me motivated, even other members have been so encouraging. I love this place!

Stephanie Blake @ Iron Forged Fitness
I'm Ready

Iron Forged Fitness